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Wikipedia Warning!

The concept of an online encyclopedia is a very good one, for the idea that a collective informational data base would always be better than the best expert. That’s what WikiPedia is. It’s an idea that has merit because there are many people who know a great deal of things that others wouldn’t know. Wikipedia is interactive, meaning anyone can make changes to hopefully facilitate a greater knowledge-base for the planet. We celebrate the courage of those who have put this very popular website together.

Unfortunately the implementation of the editing process is filled with flaws. There is no way to verify the authenticity of the editing sources. In addition, if you are a knowledgeable person that provides good factual edits / changes, others might have a bias and then erase your changes, therefore creating an “editing war” of ideas. Some of these Wikipedia volunteers have nothing better to do than scan the pages of their bias interest, and constantly change things back to what they want them to say. They spend hours a day doing just that.

It would be great if Wikipedia had some kind of place where you could go to be validated as an expert, or an author, or to be checked out, but they don’t. The logistics of this would take thousands of hours and the cost would be prohibitive. So we get what we get, and Wikipedia becomes a place that almost all educators know is flawed, and most teachers never recommend it for students, and will not accept it as a source in educational study or student reports.

Wikipedia’s  Misnformation on Laundry Balls
When you type laundry balls on Google, you will find that the first result is an article by Wikipedia deliberately attempting to discredit all laundry balls and any other alternatives for laundry detergent. It attacks every aspect of these alternatives along with any other invention similar to this product as “pseudo-scientific” and “false marketing”.

If you assume that this article is objective, you assume wrong, that’s all. First, notice the caution box at the very top of the article:

According to Wikipedia, “Self-published sources means that anyone can create a personal web page or pay to have a book published, then claim to be an expert in a certain field. For that reason, Wikipedia states that self-published media, such as books, patents, newsletters, personal websites, open wikis, personal or group blogs, internet forum postings and tweets are largely not acceptable as reliable sources.”

Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning  anyone can edit any unprotected page. You don’t even need to register to do this. Go ahead and try it out, go to any Wikipedia article and click on the edit button next to any paragraph. As you can see, you don’t need to be an expert in any field to create or edit these pages.

Many sections of this page don’t make sense: 
For example, the section labeled ‘Benefits claimed by manufacturers’: “Laundry balls are falsely marketed as cheaper, environmentally friendly alternatives to ordinary washing powders or liquids’.

Exactly what part of this is ‘false’ marketing? On the contrary:
Laundry balls (real ones) are significantly cheaper due to their extensive lifespan, costing a fraction of the price of detergents.
- Laundry balls are without a doubt, an alternative to laundry detergents.
- In comparison to any conventional or green-labeled laundry detergent, this alternative is by far the most eco-friendly choice
 for various reasons.

0f course, not all laundry balls are created equal. There are many imitation laundry balls out there that are not as effective as they claim, may be mixed with chemicals and some may even be ineffective. But that doesn’t mean that an “online encyclopedia” should discredit ALL laundry balls.

Wikipedia Article on Detergents
On the other hand, if you search for detergents on Wikipedia, there is absolutely no section or any mention on this listing that states the toxicity or possible dangers of laundry detergents – which has been found to be abundant for both human health and the environment.

Wikipedia = Misinformation?
So therefore this warning: Wikipedia’s listing of laundry balls is not a fair representation of laundry balls. Because it contains improper references and other obvious reasons, it is more than likely one of the thousands of ‘debunking’ articles deliberately used as a mouthpiece for corporate interests. JP Holding called Wikipedia “the abomination that causes misinformation”.  There are countless examples of bias written articles on Wikipedia and even a  website called ‘wikibias.com’ entirely dedicated to monitoring Wikipedia bias, because this is a known issue with certain topics in Wikipedia.



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