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Green Baby Guide “Skipping detergent altogether & throwing a ball into a washing machine filled with stinky socks & sour milk smells seemed a bit crazy, but I have to say it works. We even used it with our diapers, which are mostly wet these days since Jovi uses the toilet for bowel movements, and they came out smelling great!”

Mommy’s Favorite Things “Not only did the whole load come clean, but it also smelled clean. It didn’t have any smell to it as there’s no scents, but it smelled clean, like it was washed in pure water and line dried. It had the natural smell to it that it should have.”


Wishing Penny “This is one of those products that I feel compelled to share and promote. Shout it from the mountain tops! I love the SmartKlean Laundry Ball, clothes come out smelling pure & fresh - like a breeze, not an artificial perfume scent like detergents. I love that part of it!”

Mindful Momma “I am no longer a skeptic. This thing really works! Admittedly, I find the detergent habit hard to break but after trying the SmartKlean Laundry Ball, I am ready to ditch the soap for good!”


365 Give “I feel like I’m truly saving the planet by using the Laundry Ball.”


Mom Goes Green “It’s really worked for me. I just think it’s an impressive product that literally eliminates some of the chemical and environmental concerns we have about the massive amounts of laundry we do every year.”


Mom Living the Life of Riley “After washing several loads of our clothes, towels and bedding with the SmartKlean Laundry Balls, I have to say that I’m sold! I thought our clothes came out just as fresh smelling, soft and clean as before, but at a fraction of the cost and without harming the environment or our own bodies.”


Becoming Crunchy “After using this method of washing for over 2 months now I can say I am 100% pleased with the SmartKlean Laundry Ball and will happily recommend it to anyone - including fellow cloth diapering families.”


Mommy Enterprises “I think that this product is pretty neat!  For those with a large family and lots of laundry, this definitely might be a way to save $$$.”


Mom Always Finds Out “I found it extremely easy to use the SmartKlean laundry ball. I  loved that I could simply leave the ball in the washer, ready at any  time for the next load! The SmartKlean laundry ball did get our clothing clean.”


Nation of Moms “When I first heard about SmartKlean, I was reluctant to try it. I kept putting it off because in a home with three children who are professional mess makers, I thought it might fail. It didn’t!”


Eco Child’s Play My son has very sensitive skin, and I always have to use natural  laundry products or he gets a rash. Not only does it save money on  laundry soap, it also saves time.


Nature Mom’s Blog It really works. I have been using mine for about a month now and it gets the laundry clean and fresh smelling without any added detergent.


Live Green Mom My husband was very skeptical but after washing a load of colors  with detergent and another with the ball, then asking him to figure out  which load was which, he had to admit he could not tell a difference,  both loads were clean & fresh.


Groovy Green Livin “After a trial period of 2 months our clothes seem fresh and clean. I’m enjoying the ease and convenience of leaving the laundry ball in the  machine after each use. Washing clothes without harsh chemicals and  synthetic fragrance is invaluable - I’m willing to pay for it.”


SmartKlean® has been featured on various eco and health-conscious websites that have agreed to test our products from several weeks to months and give an honest review. Below you will find fragments of each review along with a link to its full version.


Golden Charm Reviews “SmartKlean has turned me into a believer. This ball is really amazing! I can’t believe my laundry is clean without using detergent or soap. Whoever invented this deserves an award. It’s a great product, I highly recommend it.”


Newly Crunchy Mama of 3 Blog “I love the SmartKlean Laundry Ball. I would definitely recommend SmartKlean to...well, to everyone! This product will change the way you do laundry!”


Everything Mom and a Baby “Highly recommend it. I’ve used SmartKlean on towels, my delicates, my son’s clothes and most importantly my husband’s dress shirts for work. He has this one shirt that is white with grey vertical stripes going down.  I've used every detergent under the sun and have never gotten it  bright.  In one wash his dress shirt looked brand new.  Even he was pleasantly surprised and said ‘Whatever you're using, keep using it’. I smiled and said  ‘Okay.’  My husband is hard to convince when it  comes to green products.”


EcoSalon “All of our clothes came out completely clean.  They even felt lighter and fluffier than with a normal detergent. They smelled fresh and not in a detergent kind of way like the clothes were  being scented. No, they actually smelled fresh. We also put the Laundry  Ball to the ultimate test: dirty diapers (with a stain pretreatment). Clean as a baby’s bottom---you know, after.”


Organic Authority I was a skeptic at first, but our clothes smell fresh, feel clean and light, especially delicate garments.You just can’t beat a laundry product that’s as good for the planet or safe and economical for your family than the Laundry Ball.”



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