1 SmartKlean Ball can prevent 8-16 gallons of chemicals down the drain.
The common detergent bottle comes in 50 fluid ounce containers of highly concentrated chemical liquids. By making the switch to our residue-free alternative, you can prevent 8-16 gallons of chemicals from entering our waste water treatment plants. Although their filters and special chemicals take out solids, grit and other things, many of these treatment plants cannot filter out all types of hazardous waste. Much of the chemical run off that comes from laundry detergents still reach and jeopardize our precious aquatic ecosystems. Many so-called ‘eco-friendly’ laundry detergents contain SLS and SLES which are lethal to fresh water fish at 7ppm (parts per million) and do not break down well in the environment.

1 SmartKlean Ball is equivalent to 20-40 containers of laundry products.
SmartKlean replaces laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. Although some of the packaging for these products are said to be recyclable, the sad reality is that they are ‘down-cycled’ and more often sent straight to landfill. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, 93% of plastics are not put into recycling bins. In addition, their manufacturing processes are often toxic and consume large amounts of resources. The clear advantage of our laundry ball is that it is extremely reusable. Its recyclable enclosure consumes much less energy to be produced and once it is recycled, it can easily be reused and molded without losing much quality. Its  strong, durable material is free of BPA and PVC. 

1 SmartKlean Ball can save 6,000-8,000 gallons of water!
Without any suds or soapy residues, there’s nothing to rinse out, therefore you can skip -or- start from the rinse cycle. Most washing machines use 10-20 gallons per rinse cycle, therefore, depending on your washing machine, one laundry ball can save:

6,000-8,000 gallons of water with a Traditional Top Loader
2,400-6,000 gallons of water with a High Efficiency (HE) Front Loader

Energy Efficient
Skipping the rinse cycle not only conserves water, it conserves energy as well. In addition, the laundry ball effectively washes all fabrics in cold water. Since a whopping 90% of the electricity used by washing machines often goes to just heat the water, the laundry ball can save a significant amount of energy throughout its lifespan.

Leaves zero traces of chemicals in our aquatic ecosystems.
Its extensive lifespan significantly reduces packaging waste.
Can conserve -literally- TONS of water
Conserves energy as there is no rinse cycle or hot water required.

Now just imagine if everyone made the switch...
If every household in the U.S. replaced their 50 oz. petroleum-based laundry detergent with one SmartKlean Laundry Ball, we could save 1,165,000 barrels of oil - enough to heat and cool 67,000
U.S. homes
for a year!

If every household in the U.S. replaced a year’s worth of polyester fabric softener sheets with the SmartKlean Laundry Ball, and recycled after use, we could prevent
29,600 tons of solid waste from entering our landfills, equivalent to 3,120 garbage trucks!


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