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An increasing slice of the population is experiencing episodes of eczema, psoriasis,  and other reactive skin irritations loosely referred to as ‘contact  dermatitis’ which develops after frequent exposure to a mild irritants such as laundry detergent. Sadly, many of the sufferers are children. More than 90% of eczema patients experience symptoms before they reach the age of five.

How is Eczema caused by Laundry Detergents?
Residue comes from anything in the detergent that will not rinse out of your clothes when washed. Fragrance and brightening agents are two perfect examples. If the laundry smells like detergent, it is covered in a film of fragrance residue, likewise if laundry glows brightly under a black light; it is covered in a film of UV (ultra violet) brightener or brightening agent known as optical brighteners. These residues can cause severe skin irritations in many people with sensitive skin. Another problem is that they also cause fabric to stiffen when it dries. Fabric softener is then used to lubricate the fibers in order to make the fabric move freely again, however, although it takes care of the stiff fabric, it only piles more irritants on the clothing.

Why our Laundry Ball is Ideal for those with Eczema and Sensitive Skin
With SmartKlean, you can rest easy knowing that there are no chemical residues lingering in your clothing, towels or linens. After a few washes, it will completely remove any detergent residue from all fabrics and maintain them naturally soft and fluffy. The laundry ball also uses a component that removes chlorine from the water during the wash cycle - leaving your clothes free of this chemical residue which may also trigger eczema and other skin ailments.



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