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Buyer Beware: SmartKlean is NOT sold on or

Under $20.00
The raw minerals in the ceramics and a durable non-toxic enclosure are not cheap, so if a laundry ball retails at less than $20.00 USD, chances are it’s an imitation. We have found that many cheap laundry balls are mixed with chemicals (see Added Fragrances below) to reduce the cost of the raw materials in the active ceramics and increase profits. The vast majority of these laundry balls are sold on Amazon and eBay.

Limited Information
The website only provides a picture and small paragraph about the product, but no information on the amount or types of ceramics, their active ingredients, functions or any picture of the ceramics.  If the seller cannot provide the ingredients or MSDS, either they know nothing about the technical specifications of the product or are deliberately hiding the ingredients used.

Added Fragrances
The fact that some of these imitation laundry balls come with a ‘fragrance’ such as lemon, is a clear indication that there are added chemicals on the ceramics. Many of these fake laundry balls are sold on Amazon, therefore limited information is available to the customer about its active ingredients.

There are less than 2 types of ceramics
These are often the worst knock-offs and contain inactive / inert ceramics.

Exaggerated claims of washing 1000 loads
After testing several laundry balls sold on Amazon, we found that most wash with the same potency up to the 50-60th load. Then after this short period, the clothes were slightly odorous or were not fully clean. This is because these imitations often contain added surfactants (a substance used in detergent), and even harmful SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which can dissolve and wear out the ceramics quickly. The remaining minerals on the ceramics may continue to clean but not as powerfully as the first several uses. SmartKlean® does not contain any surfactants or SLS.

Unoriginal enclosure
Identical laundry ball models and colors and no company logo shown on product.

How to Quickly Identify a Low Quality or Knock-Off Laundry Ball

Beware of Cheap Imitation Laundry Balls!
SmartKlean® is composed of high-quality, hard to find mineral ceramics and a strong, eco-friendly enclosure. Our product has received excellent independent reviews from well-respected publications and websites. The outstanding quality of our laundry ball is the result of a long product development experience and of our constant will to improve it in order to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

Imitiation SmartKlean Balls

As it is the case for most products of high quality sold under well-known brands, SmartKlean’s laundry balls are now being counterfeited on Amazon and

The imitation SmartKlean Laundry Balls can be very harmful in the trust relationship we have with our customers.

In fact, the packaging looks almost identical to ours, but the laundry ball is of very poor quality and does not meet any of our quality and selection standards. One of the imitation SmartKlean laundry balls we’ve found uses a shiny and flimsy plastic enclosure with no blue logo seal. The authentic SmartKlean Laundry Ball uses an enclosure that feels more like rubber than plastic.


Imitation Smartklean Ball with falsified packaging - from

The phrase “sano deteng” is NOT on our packaging.

SK-laundry ball-web

Authentic SmartKlean Laundry Ball

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