SmartKlean is an internationally renowned brand that makes laundry care safer, enjoyable and more economical.

We started in 2009 as a family that wanted to make a difference. For far too many decades, a harmful convention has taken place: wasteful, chemical-laden laundry products. With our innovative alternative, we help others reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals, economize, and truly care for our Mother Earth.

Our business practice focuses on offering innovation, passion and commitment to a cause much larger than profit: the wellness of our health and our environment. Through our product and communications,
we wish to raise awareness and connect with like-minded individuals and communities.

Join us!
Become part of the SmartKlean movement in your area! There’s no need to be a salesperson. You can simply sell this great product to your friends and family. The market potential is abundant and we offer affordable wholesale prices.  Our distribution systems work like a mini-franchise designed to help you easily start your own SmartKlean business. Contact us for more details.

Innovative. Smart. Powerful

About SmartKlean



GBB Seal member

is a certified
green business


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